Oils & Lubricants

We supply an extensive range of high performance oils and lubricants which are produced to extremely high specifications.

15w/30 (25L) POA Straight 30 (25L) POA
15w/40 (25L) POA Straight 40 (25L) POA
20w/50 (25L) POA Straight 50 (25L) POA
Hydraulic 32 (25L) POA Grease Cartridges £1.30
SAE 140 (25L) POA Copper Grease 500g £7.50
SAE 90 (25L) POA Grease Gun £10.99

witham oil and paint

The above oils are also available in 5L and 205L. Grease is also available in larger sizes.

Mail order is available, please call (UK) 01455 556784 for more information.

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